Annual Health and Medical Record Forms

General Information

An annual health and medical record form is required for all NYLT participants and staff members. Please make sure that Parts A, B, and C are completed. For Part C, ensure that the Examiner's signature is present and that is dated through the last day of the course week he or she is attending. The current version of the form is available at the link below:

Submitting The Forms

Once your forms are completed, there are two ways of submitting them directly to our Assistant Scoutmaster of Health and Safety:

  1. Bring a COPY of the completed forms to any Participant Orientation session.
  2. Bring a COPY of the completed forms to his or her course week check-in.

Please take note of some common mistakes:

  • DO NOT submit the original forms. Always submit a copy of the forms.
  • DO NOT submit any forms to the Council office.